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Finally, A New Page!
Monday, 13th July, 2009

Hey everybody! Thanks again for all your patience. I'm hoping to resume Much book3 on a regular basis from now on.

San Diego Comic-con is coming up and I'll be there walking the floor in a snappy Much t-shirt. I don't have a booth this year, but I want to meet as many people as possible, so please keep an eye out for me. I'll have a load of copies of Much2 to sell as well. If you need to spot me, I look like this
, but with a less godawful haircut.

And don't forget, you can still get your personalized copy of Much the Miller's Son book2 by sending $7.50 US plus $3 shipping ($10 overseas) via Paypal to [email protected]

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12:17, 07.15.09
Steve LeCouilliard:Heh. Thanks, Admiral Ackbar.
01:40, 07.14.09
Bartimaeus:It's a trap!

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